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Small Boat
Parade Instructions

Start Time 6:30 PM

Height Limit: Maximum of 8 feet above water! The Small Boat Parade travels under a number of low bridges, some may not exceed 8 feet. If you have any question as to weather or not your boat will fit under the bridges we suggest you participate in the Large Boat Parade.

Assembly: The small boats will assemble in Marine Stadium.

Start Time: 6:30 PM. The lead boat will officially start the Parade. "Do not begin prior to the lead boat". Late entries fall in at the rear of the Parade.

Parade Route: The Small Boat Parade route is different from the Large Boat Parade route. The Parade will begin at the Appian Way Bridge. The Small Boats will travel South along Bayshore Avenue, continue under the Belmont Shore 2nd Street Bridge and along the Naples Island seawall as close to the homes and docks on Naples Island as possible. The Small Boat Parade will enter Naples Canals through the main entrance in front of the Colonnade. The Parade will travel clockwise around the main canal and exit the same place it entered. Upon exiting the canals boats are instructed to turn left (East) and continue along the Naples Island seawall past Lido Lane, around the corner, finishing in front of LBYC.

Throwing Candy is "Against the Law and Dangerous"

Littering tickets for throwing candy is a minimum of $500.  Injury could result in criminal charges against you, even if you did not throw anything.  It's your boat it's your responsibility.

The Large Boat Parade will be in the channel the same time you will be. Small boats will probably bunch-up in front of the entrance to the Naples Canals. Stay close to the Island, keep a look-out, and give the large boats right of way. The small boat division will be traveling in the opposite direction as the Large Boats. Small Boats are instructed to travel closest to the seawalls and Large Boats are instructed to travel seaward of them, closer to mid-channel.

"An accident-free Parade is a Successful Parade"

Judging: Boats will be judged on Theme, Lights, Music, Costumes, Originality and Best Over-All boat. Small boat Judges will be positioned along Rivo Alto Canal. 

                 Safety Requirements & Suggestions

Fire Extinguisher: All boats with motors are required to have adequate fire extinguishers.

Extra Fuel:
If you need to refuel during the Parade, use a closed spout type container to minimize spills. Have a qualified person standing by with a fire extinguishes.

 Life Preservers: There must be at least one Coast Guard approved life preserver on board for each person on your boat. Children 12 and under must be wearing their life preserver at all times.

Kayaks:  For this event the U.S. Coast Guard in conjunction with local law enforcement are requiring "all" kayakers must actually be wearing their life jacket at all times while participating in the Parade.

Towlines: A towline is required. The towline must be at least 1.5 times the length of your boat or 15 feet, whichever is longer. The line must be adequate to tow your vessel in the event it becomes necessary to do so. The towline must be securely fastened to the bow of you boat prior to leaving the dock.

Flashlight: a Strong flashlight is required.

Drinking and Trash: Drinking and driving a boat not only carries severe legal consequences but endangers your life and the well being of those around you. We as the parade organization risk the loss of our insurance carrier and support of City officials. The continuance of the Parade relies on every person conducting themselves in a "Tidy" and "Orderly" fashion. "No Alcohol is permitted at our Event" and "Please pick up your Trash" 


Be educated be prepared:
  The U.S. Coast guard has information and instruction classes available for the general public at little or no cost.  Please visit the following website for more information.

Name Signs: Signs displaying the name of your entry are highly recommended. Letters should be 6-8 inches high and affixed amidships on both sides. If only one sign is used place it on the port side.

Generators: For electric power, a generator is hard to beat. If you have a generator you need to have a fire extinguisher. Handy Nabor Rents at 1733 E. Anaheim Street has generators for rent.

Music: a PA system is essential if sound is important to your boat. Please be reasonable, other boats need to be heard as well.

Lighting: If you plan to use floodlights, they should be placed as high as possible, shinning down on your boat. Viewers will be looking down at your boat. Low lighting will shine up into the crowd’s eyes making it difficult for them to see and appreciate your decorations. Spare bulbs are a good idea.

Costumes: Theme costumes can add a great deal to the quality of your entry.

Boat Maintenance and Fuel: Service your vessel on a day prior to the Parade. You will need up to three hours of fuel. Running out of gas is not an option. A broken down boat is not only humiliating but an inconvenience for friends, family and other members of the Parade.

Engine Failure: Move out of the Parade route and secure your vessel. You must quickly get your boat to the side and out of the way of the Parade. You must stay with your boat or run the risk of impound. At the end of the Parade you may seek assistance from harbor personal.

Any Emergency: Use your flashlight or spotlight to signal the nearest Harbor Patrol or Harbor Police vessel. Please only request assistance when truly needed, so as to leave our Officers available to help someone who may truly have an emergency.

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Only Boats with Official Parade Numbers
will be allowed in the Naples Canals

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