Commonly Asked Questions

                       Commonly asked questions:

What will be closed for the Sea-Wall Rebuild Project???

The end of the Colonnade will be closed along with sections of sidewalks on both sides.  Sidewalks will also be closed on the East end of Treasure Island and the West end of Naples Island where it meets the Colonnade entrance.  These areas are fenced off and there is no way to walk through.

Where can I pick-up and drop off my Uber and Lift rides?
Signs will be posted directing Uber and Lift vehicles to the parking lots at the corner of The Toledo and Appian Way (Basin 4 of the Marina) and The Toledo and Venetia Drive (Naples Elementary School, Parking Lot).

Where is the best place to see the Parade?
The best place to see the Parade is along the Naples Canals and outer walks.  Other good places are along Bay Shore Drive North of 2nd Street or the Beach along Bay Shore Drive South of 2nd Street or on East Bayshore Walk on the Belmont Peninsula.

Can I see the Parade from a restaurant? Yes. 
There are many wonderful restaurants in Naples, Belmont Shore and the surrounding areas from which you can walk to the Parade from.  The Large Boat Parade will stream by the restaurants in Seaport Village.

How do I get to Naples?
From the North exit the 405 at Studebaker, from the South exit 7th Street and turn left on Studebaker. Go south on Studebaker (toward the beach) Turn right on 2nd Street. The second light is Pacific Coast Highway, go straight over the Davies Bridge and your on Naples Island. Enjoy the Parade. Please deposit all trash into the proper receptacles.

How do I access Naples?
You can access Naples off 2nd Street on a number of streets, including Naples Plaza, Revenna, Tivoli and
The Toledo. It is Best to Park and walk. The Island has very limited parking. If you choose to park on Naples, the Naples Elementary School; has limited parking for a contribution of $20.00. The school is located at 5537 The Toledo near Venetia. The lot opens at 3:30 PM and the Streets close at 5:00 PM. Consult your Thomas Guide for exact street information.

Where do I park?
Alamitos Bay Marina off 2 Street and Marina Drive offers substantial free parking just over the Davies Bridge from Naples. Mothers Beach off Revenna and Appian Way has some metered parking as well as Beach parking at Bayshore and Ocean Boulevard.

Are there any restrooms or Porta potties? Yes.
There are public restrooms at Mothers Beach and at Bayshore and 2 Street. Also there will be Porta potties at The Colonnade (by the fountain off Revenna), Naples Elementary School and the parking lot off Appian Way near LBYC.

What else is going on?
There will be three "groups of carolers" walking around the Island and singing holiday songs by the bridges.  Most of the homes in Naples have been decorated for the holidays in accompaniment of the Boat Parade theme. (we have a local competition for best decorated house).

The Naples Island Business Association has many of the restaurants and businesses open and decorated for the holidays. (we give out awards for them too…)

Extra police and private security have been hired for the event to help ensure security and crowd control for the Island. The police will be closing the Island to vehicle access as they deem necessary.Please come and enjoy safely…

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