Naples Long Beach Boat Parade

 Naples Island Annual Holiday Boat Parade 

Naples Island 74th Annual Boat Parade

Theme: "12 Days of Christmas" 

 New for this Year - Virtual Boat Parade

 Thursday, December 10th, 2020 to Sunday December 20th 2020

Come get your Video Taken

Leeway Sailing Center / Gondola Getaway Dock in Alamitos Bay
5437 E Ocean Boulevard Long Beach CA 90803

Please excuse or Mess 
to make it easier for next year we are just adding the following insert for 2020



Virtually speaking…..

Theme:  The 12 days of Christmas

Concept.  VIDEO RECORD a 20 second or so video of your decorated boat cruising Alamitos bay or in the canal based on the “sample” video provided in the “skippers meeting’ video.  

STARBOARD SIDE with number provided at registration.  If you can’t do a self video, you can reserve a time to cruise by the Gondola Dock “Leeway sailing center dock” in Alamitos Bay where we will shoot the Video.  Video Reservations and/or video submissions must be submitted  between 

Dec. 10th and Dec. 20th.

Viewing.  We will edit all entries into a Parade format.

Picture the Rose Parade, with hosting and music. 

The Parade will then be presented  on Dec. 23rd

via Youtube Premiere LIVE…Time TBA. 

The link and live video will be located on

the official website:  

as well as on our official YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

SUBSCRIBE to our channel

and ring the subscribe bell for notification. 

We will also send out an email with the official link for the live feed a couple of days before the live stream begins.

Be sure and stay tuned to the live premiere, because at the end of the presentation we will announce the winners.

TBA of award pickup concept.


Anybody with a waterfront home can enter their Dock and/or boat at dock décor contest.

Send us a picture of your “docked” entrée. And enter address of your Boat and Dock and we will  judge your Dock décor entrée


Awards.  Grand prize * Theme *Lights* Music* Costumes* Originality* Most humorous* Spirit


2020 Virtual Boat Parade Entry Example:

                   (Please note: This is a Naples Improvement Association function and not a LBYC event)  

Saturday, December 14th, 2019       “Parade Night” Streets close at 5:00 PM


Large Boats                                   Starts at 6:00 PM

                                                        All Large Boats will assemble along Lido Lane and off
                                                        the sea wall in front of Naples Plaza and follow
                                                        the Large Boat Parade map outline.


Small Boat Parade                        Starts at 6:30 PM New 2019 Parade Route, See Map

                                                        All the Small Boats will assemble in Marine Stadium.
                                                        The #1 boat will lead the Parade. No boat will begin
                                                        until the #1 boat has started the Parade.  Boats will
                                                        travel the route outlined on the Small Boat Parade


                                                                         Boats must have 
Official Parade Numbers to Participate 
                             in the Naples Boat Parade.

No Offshore or Race Boats in the Canals!!! 

                                               A Special "Thank You"  is due our
                                       Corporate Sponsor's

The Port of Long Beach

AES - "We are the Energy"

The Bottle Shoppe

                           Naples Boat Parade Winners

Click here to down load a pdf of 2012 Boat Parade Winners

Click Below to view Photos of 2019 Large Boat Parade Winners

    Grand Prize Boat Number    "14"         Steven Henny                        "Perfect Love"     

    Theme Boat Number            "17"         Debbie Lorenz                         "Tommyrot"       

     Lights Boat Number             "9"          James Higbee                           "Bella Vita"      

     Music Boat Number             "3"          Michael Emo                            "Baby Jane"            

     Costumes Boat Number       "8"         Billy Womac                              "N 2 Deep"       

     Originalty Boat Number       "18"        Dante DeMarco                         "Papgayo"            
     Most Creative Number        "22"        James Cook                           "Great Escape"    

     Most Humorous                   "21"        Brooks Vogt                         "Fish Stix IV"      

     Honorable Mention             "15"         Gary Starkey                            "Ausdauer"       

"If we do not have a picture of your large boat please submit one and we will publish it"



Click Below to view Photos of 2019 Small Boat Parade Winners

     Grand Prize Boat Number     "3"        Alan Singer              "Cerritos Bahia Yacht Club"  

     Theme Boat Number            "33"       Ella Morales                 "Christmas-Sea Float"      

     Lights Boat Number             "16"        Robertt Gariepy                "Shock and Awe"         

     Music Boat Number              "10"       Patrick Jennings            "Wilson Alumni Band"    

     Costumes Boat Number       "15"       Donald Darling                      "Marathon"             

     Originality Boat Number    "29 $30"   Vivian Lezak                  "LA Racing Dragons"   

     Most Creative                       "11"        Doug Wolven                           "Woody"             

      Most Humorous                   "55"       Stacy Carson                    "Green Eyed Lady"   
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